Time Management


After two months on the road, some patterns have emerged regarding how we manage our time.

We have two small children. They both [still] wear diapers. Everyday there are a total of four naps that should happen if we want to avoid meltdowns. Some of these naps overlap.

Our days get going between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. The kids trade-off on who is going to wake us up. Since the first required nap comes around 9 a.m., we tend to take our sweet time with breakfast. We tend to gravitate toward the staples: eggs, fruit, pancakes, bacon, toast, etc. Oh, and coffee. Our breakfasts remain the most consistent of our day to day adventures.

After breakfast comes a nap for Mr. T, play for Jane, and cleanup and planning for the adult-folk. Most days we try to get out after the morning nap. This is sometime between 10 and 11 a.m. Nap #2, the overlap nap, ideally happens about 1 p.m. Thus a two to three hour window emerges for the morning outing.

Depending on where we are, two or three hours can range from way more time than we could possibly need (Sioux Falls), to a slice of time so slim that we question why we even bothered (New York). So it is perhaps a 50/50 proposition whether we retreat to Bernadette for naps or attempt alternative, on the fly, sleeping arrangements. The kids often go plaid.

Following afternoon naps, we are granted another two to three hour happy time before hunger overtakes the children. Many days we will do either a morning or an afternoon outing. We definitely have to tighten the chinstraps if we get out for both.

Except in rare circumstances, "nightlife" consists of tricking the children to go to sleep on time, by 9 p.m. if we are lucky, and fading into our own exhaustion. I would like to claim that evenings were spent regaling war stories around campfires with our seasoned and enigmatic RV park neighbors -- or something similarly romantic. But, alas, we are mostly concerned with tying-off the day's loose ends and our typical RV park neighbor is of an age where their bedtime coincides with our children's.

Despite the constraints our children provide, we are doing a pretty good job of getting our adventure on [if I do say so myself]. Optimized snack packing and generous exceptions to the above rules give us the flexibility needed to make the most of this experience. Well, off to a Friday night birthday dance party in Brooklyn with our two children...

Posted 2013-10-27 by Pete Grayson in misc.