Taking Leave


It is interesting to approach a finish line.

Coming to Utah [again] almost five years ago, we knew that it was a limited-time engagement -- that was the deal we made with ourselves. The reason we came [back] to Utah was for a particularly special job opportunity. Several friends and former colleagues were working on something very cool that we had talked about doing years earlier before I left Utah the first time. I could not pass up the chance to both work on a technology I believed was revolutionary and work with friends that I have the highest respect for as engineers and human beings.

Over the past several years, the promise of this opportunity has been delivered. Great technology was made, that has been satisfying. Though as I approach the finish line, what stands out as far more important are the excellent people I have been allowed to engage with on a day to day basis. Some of you may even read this, so I will be direct: Thank you for being excellent.

I did not really know how I would feel at this juncture, a day away from voluntary, long-awaited, and mysteriously appealing unemployment. Here I am. Basically I feel grossly appreciative of the people that stood with me shoulder-to-shoulder as we bled and sweated and sometimes spit doing the extremely challenging job of making a company go. I might have expected a little more relief, but that is not happening, at least not yet. Anticipation of coming adventures grows, but thankfulness for my peers, friends, mentors, and even rivals and antagonists overwhelms.

What a ride.

I take my leave with few regrets, pride in what we have accomplished together, and belief that our paths will cross again and again.

Posted 2013-08-15 by Pete Grayson in misc.