New England


Our gamble to hang-out in New England into October has paid off.

One of the worst possible things that could ever happen is for Bernadette to freeze. She would surely burst pipes and hemorrhage [even more] water. Thus our choice to linger in New England into mid-October carried some risk. The nighttime temperatures have stayed above freezing (if just), and we have been rewarded with family, friends, and beautiful fall scenery.


As mentioned in a previous post, my time in Vermont was spent mostly on the roof of Bernadette. With a bit of revisionist perspective, I can now say that I quite enjoyed Vermont. The sun shined, the sky was blue, and quiet prevailed as I toiled. That my repairs have not yet failed leaves an additional sheen on the experience.


We doubled-down on Massachusetts. We stayed in two different campgrounds and split our time between the Blackstone Valley, Boston, and Rhode Island (a suburb of Massachusetts). Aunts and uncles and cousins from Amelia's side got to pinch cheeks and otherwise stand in awe of our children's magnificence.

One of the gems we came upon was Southwick's Zoo. We took a strangely narrow and twisty country road up a hill and around a bend and then, poof, there appeared a zoo! There we saw a wildly diverse collection of animals including kangaroos, llamas (just like typing llama), 130 year old tortoise, and vivid parrots. Jane's favorite exhibit was the playground followed closely by the camel ride.

To be truthful, we did not enter Boston-proper on this trip. Our destination was Cambridge, home of Harvard, Tufts, MIT, and a great old friend with a brand new baby. Being east-coast veterans, we did not do any gawking. Sometimes seeing a new baby and eating a home-cooked stew makes a cross-country trip worth it.


The last stop on our New England tour was New Haven, Connecticut: home of Yale and one of the highest crime rates in the country. We cleverly stayed in North Branford to avoid the almost certain assault on our home that would have occurred in New Haven.

The highlight of our New Haven visit was a day on Kelsey Island, a small, private island just out in the Long Island Sound. We had sun and mid-sixties which was sufficient for Jane and her new BF Cristina to take a dip in the Ocean. The weather was also sufficient for a sailboat ride in a little sunfish. If stew was not enough, then skipping stones with long lost friends on a deserted island has made the trip worth it.

We have now left New England to the south, thankfully ahead of freezing weather. We are now in Jersey City, New Jersey to get our New York fix. Stay tuned.

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