Loveland Lists


We left Loveland, Colorado today. After a whole week of experiences, some lists come to mind.

Some interesting facts about Loveland, Colorado

  • Population - ~70,000
  • Elevation - 4,982 feet
  • Area code - 970
  • Nickname - Sweetheart City

Best parks in Loveland

  • North Lake Park - Good monkeying around opportunities; extremely well maintained; and we saw a wild fox!
  • Benson Sculpture Park - Exquisitely crafted bronze toys sculptures for children to play on.
  • Dwayne Webster Veteran's Park - Shade from the sun and great playground equipment.

Rocky Mountain National Park highlights

  • Big friggin' mountains
  • Friendly chipmunks, squirrels, and yellow-bellied marmots
  • Vertigo inducing drives

Top Denver event traffic to get stuck in ... on a Sunday

  • Colorado Rockies baseball game at Coors field
  • A Taste of Colorado on Capital Hill - even well before MC Hammer took stage
  • CU versus CSU football game at Mile High

Our favorite people from Riverview RV Park

  • LaVoy and Judy from Oklahoma. They turned us on to our next homestead, Fort Welikit in Custer, South Dakota.
  • Bob, who expertly assisted in my first back-in parking job.
  • Olivia, age 7, who befriended Jane with a frog.

Top places to avoid in Loveland

  • Laundromat - Clothes got clean, but it was a hot slog in a sad strip mall.
  • King Sloopers - Food got bought, but it was a victim of being too close to the above laundromat. On the other hand, it did have a 1ยข mechanical horse.
  • Historic downtown - It gives Wyoming a run for its money for its wreak of desperation. It's a sad day when the big boxes lay the death blow on mom and pop.
  • Jane was excited to go to the national park.
  • We learned at the visitor center that this animal is, in fact, a squirrel and not a chipmunk. As for the creature on the left, its taxonomy is yet to be determined.
  • We promised Jane a horse ride. Promise delivered. Parenting win.
  • The Buckhorn Northern Railway only has one station, but it got us six minutes of joy for $0.75.
  • The Benson Sculpture Garden
  • Tommy enjoyed his hiking accommodations
  • The drive to RMNP's Alpine Visitor Center. Just a several thousand foot drop past the three inches of shoulder.
  • The family up above the tree line in RMNP
  • A rare moment of unimpeded driving in Denver

Full photo set from our stay in Loveland

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