We have been in Florida the past couple weeks. Our first stop was St. Augustine, on the Atlantic coast. The locals call the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area "First Coast". Ostensibly this is because St. Augustine claims to be the oldest city in North America. This little nugget of history was beaten into us by every building, monument, placard, and shop proudly boasting "first this" or "oldest that". Check, got it. Thanks.

The highlight of our visit to St. Augustine was that our campground was across the street from the beach on the Atlantic Ocean. (As a side note, the aforementioned street was the A1A. I was somewhat disappointed to learn that the lyric from Vanilla Ice's classic song, Ice Ice Baby was "A1A Beachfront Avenue" -- I always thought it was Detroit Avenue. I guess Beachfront makes some amount of sense...) The surf made the ocean inappropriate for swimming with small children, but between digging in the sand, finding shells, and running from the waves, the kids had a time. Our campground also had a heated pool, so our swimming needs were more than met there.

The meat of our time in Florida was spent inland, in a little town called Inverness. There we celebrated Thanksgiving with family -- grandparents, uncles, cousins, babies, and friends. In addition to an excellent Thanksgiving meal, we also partook in a beautiful and delicious home-cooked Indonesian meal. Being on the road did not save us from holiday gluttony!

Our final Florida destination was Keaton Beach which on the Gulf coast and near nothing in particular. Bernadette parked about six feet from the Gulf of Mexico and sunsets streamed through the windows. We went to the beach and dug up crabs (which the seagulls appreciated). There was nothing to do but relax, so that's what we did.

From Florida we travel, insanely, north to be with family for Christmas. Fingers are crossed for adequate weather!

Posted 2013-12-05 by Pete Grayson in misc.
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