Bye Bear Lake


Today we departed Bear Lake, the first stop on our adventure. As expected, we had a number of unexpected highs and lows.

  • Jane enjoyed the KOA's pool
  • Jane and Tommy, kicking it
  • We took advantage of the nice bike path traversing Garden City
  • Bear Lake, North Beach
  • Bear Lake conquered

On our second night at Bear Lake, we awoke around 1:30am to angry words and slamming doors. Our new neighbors had decided to engage in enraged, drunken fisticuffs. In the abstract, this falls into the category of shit that happens. In the moment, however, when you do not know who these people are, what they are on, or what kind of arsenal they may have brought, it is extremely disconcerting. All of this is amplified by having two small children and doubts about whether you are acting in their best interests. We ended up calling the sheriff, but they did not respond.

In the morning, one of the neighbors apologized for what happened. He had been beaten up, clearly. Apparently the worse apples had walked away in the middle of the night. Their beat-up motor coach rolled-out shortly thereafter; our hosts at the KOA saw to that.

Speaking of which, it is time for a mini-review of the Bear Lake KOA. With still little reference, I would rate it 4 out of 5. The cons include high prices, up-sell everywhere, and poor screening of the aforementioned neighbors. The pros outweigh. The staff was friendly and helpful; there was a "jumping pillow" which Jane spent several hours a day on; the pool was lovely; everything was clean and well maintained; and easy access to grocery, hardware, and downtown Garden City. The KOA served well as a central base for our time at Bear Lake.

We departed early this morning. After eight quick hours, we are now residing in Loveland, Colorado near Rocky Mountain National Park. More adventures begin tomorrow.

More Bear Lake photos

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